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Present-day aspirations for European integration are often confused with the positive and negative aspects of globalization. The phenomenon of cultural pervading tends to be a non-reflective process, which, as understood by the originators of the current project, is not a good tendency, therefore the project aims to educate Europe’s citizens to know both the native sources of tradition as well as customs of life which have been acquired from the outside traditions.

The project is divided into four subtopics, or stages of searching for conscious looking for the roots of everyday lifestyle:
1.    My Background
2.    My Region
3.    My Country
4.    Our Europe
Thus, the activities are also divided into four theme groups and they are of various kinds: research on the Internet, interpersonal research, reporting findings on the project website, designing and making pieces of art work (e.g. scrapbooks, posters) or by the use of modern  technology (e.g. PowerPoint presentations, films). Each of the subsequently analyzed areas will constituent a coherent phase of the project aiming at picturing life of a young citizen of unifying Europe.

It is believed by all the partners that the knowledge about various roots of one’s own culture, gained at an early age, will help young people become adults who are tolerant and open to innovations. The participation in designing and implementing the project will also be of benefit to the teachers who will use the experience in their future work with next generations of children.

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Estonia: Narva Paju School
Greece: Palekastro Primary School
Italy: Istituto Comprensivo "Via San Biagio Platani"
Poland: Szkoła Podstawowa im. Jana Kasprowicza w Kruszwicy
Romania: Gheorghe Lazar Barcanesti
Spain: Colegio Misioneras de la Providencia - Santa Teresa

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